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Cultivate Growth Partners


Growing Organically?

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I partner with my clients to research and identify growth goals, create actionable plans for growth, and execute marketing, business development, and corporate communication strategies in support of growth initiatives. 

Whether you are looking to expand geographically, grow into a new market sector, or increase your existing market share, I can help you develop an organized process and provide the production and support you need to achieve your goals.

Looking to Buy?

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With an emphasis on collaboration with your existing business departments, I develop an organized, effective, and all-encompassing approach to business integration during and after a merger or acquisition. 

My process delivers bottom-line value by minimizing disruptions to utilization rates and cash flow, helping you avoid common missteps and operational inefficiencies, retaining employees and clients, and keeping you focused on critical business functions.

Looking to Sell?

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Together, we can plan and execute strategic marketing and business development initiatives to increase the value of your business in anticipation of future sale. I can also help you evaluate potential acquiring firms for cultural fit and help you ask the right questions as you are evaluating your options.

Once your M&A deal is in progress, I can assist you with internal and external communications aimed at retaining your talent and your clients.