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Cultivate Growth Partners


Looking to Sell?

All successful AEC firms eventually face the need for leadership and/or ownership transition. Together, we can plan and execute strategic initiatives that will prepare your firm for its next phase, increase the value of your business in anticipation of future sale, retain your employees and your clients, and ask the right questions when evaluating potential acquiring firms.

Leadership transition creates a ripple effect for internal staff and external clients.

Cultivate partners with AEC leaders to help you preserve your legacy, successfully navigate the change process, and implement strategic initiatives to position the firm for long-term future success.


Positioning Services

  • Succession Planning
  • Business Development/Capture Planning Aimed at Increasing Sales Price
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Pitch Presentations
  • Website Evaluation + Updates
  • General Counseling/Evaluating Options
  • Internal Messaging Aimed at Employee Retention
  • External Messaging Aimed at Client Growth and Retention

See examples of my work: