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Cultivate Growth Partners

About Cultivate

Growth and change are complex processes that come with significant risk, require careful cultivation, and can yield bountiful harvests.

Cultivate is singularly focused on helping you achieve long-term success of your organizational growth and change initiatives.

Hi, I'm Katie.

Like many marketing professionals in the building industry, I am so grateful to have discovered this profession – one that allows me to celebrate and share the work of extremely talented colleagues and also to have a tangible impact on my community.

I spent the first 15 years of my career working inside AEC firms. I’ve led successful initiatives that crossed boundaries between departments, such as branding, project pursuits, M&A integration, employee engagement, recruiting, and geographic expansion.

I’ve also been part of initiatives that didn’t succeed. I’m sure you have, too. For me, the unsuccessful experiences were just as valuable as the successful ones. The successes are the foundation of my expertise. The failures are what fueled my passion for starting my own business and helping others succeed.

I founded Cultivate Growth Partners with a mission to empower firms in the building industry to achieve their goals for growth and change. I know what it’s like to work in a busy environment where the technical staff is focused on serving clients and the marketing team (if there is one) is focused on serving the technical staff. Time and bandwidth are limited. Strategic initiatives often take a backseat to more pressing requests.

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to get things done, or someone to keep you on track with your strategic goals. I partner with you to help you cultivate success and reap the long-term rewards of your investment in growth and change initiatives.

Katie Harris, MBA, LEED AP

Unapologetic Optimist • World Traveler • National Park Lover • Foodie • Weekend DIYer • Happy Hour Enthusiast • Crazy Cat Lady


Strategic Thinking




Emotional Intelligence


Attention to Detail

“As Managing Principal of our office, I had many responsibilities – from projects, to people, to business development. With Katie’s help, we were able to diversify and grow our practice beyond my expectations. Her strategic approach kept us focused on our goals and helped us win more of the types of projects we wanted. Katie is a delight to work with.”

Barbara Austin, PLA
Former Managing Principal
RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture

“Katie’s thoughtful approach to M&A integration helped our employees feel welcome, respected, and excited for the future. She took time to understand our culture, our team members individually, and our business – all the while keeping us on track with the marketing integration effort. As a result, the firm is poised for even more growth in the future.” 

Steven Voss
Former Owner
LVA Urban Design Studio

“Katie is awesome to work with! With a combination of excellent writing and graphics skills, she distilled complex information into beautiful deliverables that work very well for us. The pitch presentation she developed has helped us expand our business by 240% in 3 years, through a mixture of organic growth and competitor acquisitions across the country.” 

Ricardo Ortega, MBA
Director of Sales & Marketing
Tarrytown Expocare

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